From Google to bookmarks, collections of information resources are typically presented in a form which is impoverished for cognition and experience: the list of textual elements. We need to represent collections of information resources in personal forms that help us discover connections between the resources. combinFormation is a mixed-initiative tool for browsing and collecting, which uses sampling and composition to make connections between information resources visible.

combinFormation is a mixed-initiative system that uses composition for browsing, collecting, and arranging information samples from web pages. The samples act as visual, semiotic, and navigational surrogates for the documents from which they are extracted. The initiatives are the system's generation of composition, and the user's direct manipulation. The system's generative actions -- collecting information samples, and composing them visually -- are conducted iteratively, based on a user model.

The system presents the ongoing generation of the composition to the user in an interactive information space. In this space, one of the user's initiatives is to directly manipulate the composition through interactive design operations, which enable samples to be displaced, layered, annotated, and removed. The user can also express positive or negative interest in each sample. Expressions of interest affect the model, creating a feedback loop through the visualization.


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