Matthew Carrasco
Master's Student (with thesis) Computer Science

Howdy! I am a Master's student working with Dr. Andruid Kerne. I am interested in exploratory search, creativity support, and the discursive effects of human-computer interfaces on identity.

Before starting graduate school, I worked as an undergraduate researcher in the Interface Ecology Lab for one-and-a-half years, while completing my B.S. in Computer Science at Texas A&M.

I am presently working on MINK, a tool for supporting the exploratory search and curation of scholarly articles, and investigating the role of multi-scale, free-form curation in teaching iterative design skills. Previous work includes improving the BigSemantics web metadata extraction framework with automatic bilbiography generation and investigating the use of free-form, multi-scale mediums for classroom presentation.

Webb, A.M., Kerne, A., Linder, R., Lupfer, N, Qu, Y., Keith, K., Carrasco, M., Chen, Y., A Free-form Medium for Curating the Digital, in Curating the Digital Space for Art and Interaction, England, D., Schiphorst, T., Bryan-Kinns, N. (Eds.), Springer, 2016, in press.
Linder, R., Lupfer, N., Kerne, A., Webb, A. M., Hill, C., Qu, Y., Keith, K., Carrasco M., Kellogg, E. Beyond Slideware: How a Free-form Presentation Medium Stimulates Free-form Thinking in the Classroom, Proc. ACM Creativity and Cognition 2015, 285-294. [28%].
Webb, A.M., Kerne, A., Linder, R., Lupfer, N., Qu, Y., Keith, K., Carrasco, M., Multi-Scale Information Composition: a New Medium for Freeform Art Curation in the Cloud, CHI 2014 Workshop: Curating the Digital: Spaces for Art and Interaction, Toronto, Canada. [information composition]